Supply and demand: Apps that grow in quarantine

It's an undeniable fact:  the use of apps all over the world has been increasing. Whether it is consumption of digital media, moments of fun, gaming, social networks or apps that help improve our work development, technology is providing us with resources and it is creating new needs.
If this was a trend over the last years, Covid19  and quarantine helped boost it.
Telemedicine, video calls with work and social purposes, classrooms, purchase and sale of objects, delivery, and even ways to measure whether or not we have symptoms compatible with Coronavirus have the shape of an icon on the screen of our phones . The list is extensive, and from the most downloaded and valued apps like Zoom, TikTok, Netflix or Spotify to the most emerging ones, Developers found a great opportunity in the pandemic. Mobile games today are all the rage. Downloads grew 15% in the first three months of 2020 compared to the same period last year. In the first 3 months of the year, 13 billion mobile games were downloaded.
Even many web pages had to incorporate an app to increase their web traffic through cell phones. Currently 52.03% of internet traffic comes from a mobile device, and this steady and rising demand means good news for the app developer market. 
However, not every business or company necessarily requires a mobile application to operate. Having this type of additional tool must necessarily add value to our product or service. The relevance of the creation of an app is something that Infovalue has been analysing for a long time. The development of an app may be the way, but a PWA (Progressive Web App), a responsive website or perhaps hiring software that provides that service, may also be the right path to take.
Developers are now moving in a much more dynamic world that expands its borders and limits more than ever. The growth of the industry is exponential and it is more than wise to be attentive to the needs of a world that surrendered to the multiplicity of options that technology provides.  
Infovalue offers professional analysis of the options that are suitable and functional for each company in times when the only constant is change.